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Iurii Kalyniuk

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In the conditions of establishment and development of market economy the most important factor of stability in the society is the ability of the economic system to ensure that all Ukainian citizens have a decent quality of life, while all companies can successfully implement profitable business projects. However, quite often citizens doing business or any other activity draw attention of law enforcement agencies, which can end up with unwarranted criminal prosecution.
Attorneys of our firm are ready to protect the rights and interests of business entities, as well as to protect your interests in case of allegations of committing economic crimes (tax evasion, money laundering, smuggling, bringing to bankruptcy, fraud involving financial resources, etc.), white-color crimes (malversation, abuse of powers, etc.), as well as crimes against property, environment and other crimes.
Our lawyers will provide you with necessary protection during all investigatory actions; will help correctly build your defense tactics, as well as to collect evidence carefully in order to refute arguments submitted by the prosecution even before a trial begins. We also represent Clients in law enforcement agencies and courts of all instances in criminal cases and ensure not only the possibility of acquittal or punishment mitigation, but also exemption from criminal liability.

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